The Casebook of Rabbit Black

by Kate Sherron

Word on the street is when you’ve got a problem, Rabbit Black’s the one to solve it. After he’s accidentally resurrected by his necromancer neighbor downstairs, who better, then, to investigate Rabbit’s own grisly murder than himself?

THE CASEBOOK OF RABBIT BLACK Volume One includes the first two extra-large issues of the comic series by Kate Sherron: “The Case of the Undying Detective” and “The Case of the King’s Nicked Kitsch.” The trade paperback includes exclusive pin-ups (including ones by Christy Tortland, Chris Anderson (LOST ANGELS), and more!), a script-to-page process section, and more! Full color, 96 pages! MSRP $14.99. For readers 15 and up.

Order from your local bookshop,, or the Comicker Press Store.
Available via Baker & Taylor and Emerald Comics Distro.


“With THE CASEBOOK OF RABBIT BLACK, writer-artist-visionary Kate Sherron has single handedly crafted an inventive and addicting caper dripping with charm, intrigue, and style.” – Ryan Ferrier (KENNEL BLOCK BLUES, HOT DAMN)

“Kate Sherron is a remarkably undefinable voice. With stories that are unique and modern yet echo of classical literature, Rabbit Black maintains a mystique and charm that is altogether befuddling. I’m not sure how she does it. Add on her beautiful and dexterous art and you have a delightful, immersive and idiosyncratic experience. I’m jealous as hell.” – Brian Level (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS, CONSTANTINE)

“If Matisse made a comic, it would look like this.” – Adam Bolton (WHERE’S MY SHOGGOTH, GATEHOUSE)

“Rabbit Black is a fascinating look at a comic, a character, and a creator maturing at the same time. A true voice being born!”  – Paul Tobin, Eisner-award-winning New York Time bestselling author of BANDETTE, COLDER, GENIUS FACTOR, and PLANTS VS ZOMBIES.