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#ADULTING Created by Josh Adams When two young couples and three roommates find themselves trying to live in one of the biggest cities in the world, doing things like regular adults seem to become more and more difficult. Read Digitally: Webcomic edition.  

Artful Daggers

ARTFUL DAGGERS Created by Adam P. Knave, Sean E. Williams, & Andrew Losq Fifty years after a time traveler brings science and technology to the medieval ages, corporations have replaced kingdoms, and the future teeters on a bleak precipice. Agents and assassins, hired for their specialties by the rivaling companies, stem the flow of information

The Casebook of Rabbit Black

THE CASEBOOK OF RABBIT BLACK by Kate Sherron Word on the street is when you’ve got a problem, Rabbit Black’s the one to solve it. Who better, then, to investigate Rabbit’s own grisly murder than himself? Read Digitally: comiXology || DriveThruComics || Kindle || hoopla The Casebook of Rabbit Black: Volume One available from your local bookshop, comic book store, Amazon.com, or the Comicker Press


CHIMERA by Tyler Ellis NOMINATED FOR A 2018 DWAYNE MCDUFFIE AWARD FOR DIVERSITY IN COMICS! Haunted by their pasts, a crew of thieves is hired for a covert mission in the midst of a galaxy being ripped apart by an interstellar holy war. If they want to survive – much less succeed – they must navigate hostile worlds, vengeful


DevilSkin Written by David Accampo Illustrated by Chris Anderson From the creators of LOST ANGELS comes “DevilSkin” – a spooky halloween short in the style of THE TWILIGHT ZONE and TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE! When Jimmy Crowder finds a devil costume in the woods, he hatches a plot to fight back at his tormentors…but may


GATEHOUSE Written by Sean E. Williams Illustrated by Adam Bolton Welcome to the Gatehouse! Take a tour through the premises, sample its brews, and get to know some of its inhabitants in the debut issue of this new creator-owned series from acclaimed artist Adam Bolton (WHERE’S MY SHOGGOTH?) and NEW YORK TIMES best-selling writer Sean E. Williams (FAIREST: THE


GRIMFISH Written and Illustrated by Aaron Pittman A journey through space and memories brings Fish to a distant planet in search of a woman that he can’t stop thinking about. Here, he unwittingly joins a struggle between the last inhabitants of a dying world and a small band of stranded mech pilots. Read Digitally: comiXology || DriveThruComics || Kindle || hoopla