What Sets Us Apart from Other Graphic Novel Publishers?

Calling all graphic novel creators! At Comicker Press, we're not just another graphic novel publisher in a sea of many. We bring a splash of uniqueness to the comic world, ensuring our artists shine bright and stories get told in the most captivating way. Curious about what makes us stand out? Let’s dive in!


The Beauty of Partnership

Unlike many publishers that might give you a labyrinth of contracts and complicated terms, we believe in a straight partnership. No gimmicks, no maze, just a clear path for our comic artists to get their work out there. We’re on your side, always!


A Helping Hand for Aspiring Artists

Remember those days when you wished for a guardian angel to help you get your artwork published? Well, consider us your comic world fairy godmother! We're dedicated to assisting comic makers, both budding and established, in getting their masterpieces into the limelight.


Schools, Meet Graphic Novels

Here’s something super cool - everything published with us is registered with the Library of Congress. This means schools have direct access to our graphic novels. So, not only are you reaching comic aficionados, but you're also giving students a chance to experience storytelling in a dynamic way.


Storytelling at Its Finest

We don’t just publish comics; we’re in the business of graphic novels that narrate intriguing tales. While comics are amazing, we’re all about those elongated, deep stories that captivate readers from start to finish.

Your Ideas. Your Property

Guess what? When you work with us, YOU maintain ownership of your intellectual property. That’s right; your creations remain yours. We’re just here to give them the stage they deserve.

So, why blend in when you can stand out with Comicker Press? If you're a comic artist eager to see your work in print and retain your intellectual rights, you know where to turn. Let’s create, let’s collaborate, and let’s tell stories that leave a mark. Ready to make comic magic? Join the Comicker Press family today!