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Ben Humeniuk

Author | Artist

Ben Humeniuk is a comic creator and educator whose works include the MG fantasy series Waking Life, the YA graphic novella BRO-D CAN'T BE BROKEN, the Middle Grade STEM-oriented Magnificent Makers series. He writes, draws, colors, and letters his own work, seeking to create stories that entertain while inspiring empathy and understanding, and he lives in the Houston, TX area with his wife and three children.

Writer, Pencils, Ink, Colors, Lettering


John Aviña


John Aviña is a Mexican American author and filmmaker from Chicago. He is a husband, father and avid lover of genre films. He is an award winning photographer as well as a former comic book store clerk, and funeral directors assistant.

John believes in ghosts, aliens and the Cucuy.

Website of other stories and Patreon are linked.


Ingrid Wolfe


As a teenager, Ingrid Wolfe was requested to make an epic fantasy tale for her friends to experience through their tabletop gaming group. Having played exactly three times prior, the rough, poorly constructed, and often completely derailed story began to grow. Eventually, it became an entire world, full of cultures, adventures and characters... so many characters... that there just wasn't enough time to show everyone during a weekly game.

Over the next couple decades, this problem would continue to compound until Ingrid had to finally start putting them to paper so that there would be more room in her head for other things. Like the multitudes of computer passwords that everyone needs to memorize.

...Or drinking water.

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Chris Anderson

Artist | Comics | Storyboard | Concept

Comic book, storyboard artist, writer, singer/songwriter. Co-creator of Lost Angels, Chaotic Neutral, SPECTRAL.


Should you choose to cross the threshold you will behold visions the likes of which may melt your brain. So be sure to wear your tin hat. I will be posting projects in the works, process videos, selections from my sketchbooks and complete short stories. My goal is to give you an overview of how a comic book artist ticks and to, maybe, pass out some sweet treats along the way. Join me, damnit!

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Dave Accampo

Writer | Designer | Producer

David Accampo has pursued his creative vision as a writer, director, producer, and designer—creating and telling stories in a variety of media.

He writes comic books, including the creator-owned graphic novels Lost Angels (Comicker Press), Sparrow & Crowe (Hermes Press), and The Margins (Fanbase Press), as well as stories for other publishers, including DC Comics and Six Foot Press.

He has won awards and garnered critical acclaim for his films and audio productions, including the podcast audio drama, Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery. He also recently wrote for NBCUniversal’s short-lived SERIES gaming app.

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Katleen Kralowec

Artist | Painter | Illustrator | Writer | Tattoo Artist

Kathleen Kralowec is a multitalented artist, writer, and designer based in New York. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art with a minor in Philosophy from Scripps College in Claremont, and a Master of Fine Arts from UC Santa Cruz's Digital Arts and New Media program. With a diverse skill set, she has self-published two comic books and three oracle decks featuring her original writing and illustrations. Additionally, Kralowec has professional experience in the game industry, where she has worked as an animator


Marco Lopez


Eisner Award Winner Marco Lopez worked for Lion Forge Comics on projects with Nick Cannon, Amber Rose, and Ernie Reyes Junior. Afterward, he co-created, put the initial team and talent together, and brought the graphic novel Puerto Rico Strong to Lion Forge; he also contributed a supernatural story.

Puerto Rico Strong sold out of a first print run of 10,000 copies, went into a second printing, and won Marco and his fellow editors an Eisner award.

He then worked with Ivan Plaza, Publisher of Chido Comics, to co-create and write the hit Masked Republic Luchaverse license. A series of sci-fi and horror comics starring famous Mexican wrestlers, the comics were in Rolling Stone's 25 Best Things We Saw At San Diego Comic-Con 2018 and featured in Publishers Weekly’s Licensing August 2018.

He has various film and television projects in development with Lion Forge animation. His middle-grade graphic novel The Nightcrawlers debuts in Fall 2023 from Ablaze Publishing. He's working with Sunny Hostin Productions to develop his Puerto Rico Strong short story “Of Myth and Monsters” into a television series.


Ben Ford

Writer | Operations Director, < REDACTED >

Ben Ford spent his childhood being told monsters aren't real. Unable to accept such a bold face lie, he decided to dedicate his life to creating them himself. In turn, this created a need for those capable of fighting said monsters. After a while of spending his time in the darkness, Ben Ford has returned to share the stories of the people he found to do just that. In his spare time, he is also an educator of K-6 youth and lives somewhere on either side of the Mason-Dixon line.

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Kate Sherron

Comic Artist | Writer | Professor

Kate Sherron is an artist, writer, and Professor of Sequential Art at Savannah College of Art + Design. Kate has worked on a number of licensed all-ages properties and creator-owned projects for older readers. She lives and works in Savannah, GA.

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Tyler Ellis

Artist | Comics | Storyboard | Concept

Tyler is a reincarnated cat living in Austin, TX. He writes and illustrates and is currently working on the ongoing comic CHIMERA. His influences stretch from SNES RPGs to Hayao Miyazaki.